Microsoft Reveals Their Vision of the Future

Since long ago, man’s fantasy of the future has drifted away. As technology was not yet able to do what was imagined, humans shed the imagination into works of fiction and art. But for technology companies like Microsoft, the vision of the future is an essential factor, encouraging them to continue to make innovations.

In October 2011, Microsoft revealed their shadows about the future device and how the device affects human life. Over the last three years, Microsoft has already taken a lot off a wide range of cutting-edge products and services, but the momentum is getting faster after HoloLens was introduced in the official Windows 10 announcement event.

HoloLens is the top Microsoft answer from the popularity of augmented reality utilization. But in the moan, Microsoft formulated HoloLens as the latest in hologram technology. Interestingly, HoloLens is just one of many ways of bringing humans to the ideal future. Not so long ago, Microsoft published a new version of Productivity Future Vision video, showing what kind of human life five to ten years ahead.

One of the most prominent factors there is how augmented reality becomes its foundation. AR provides a very high level of interactivity. He is useful in exploration and research, education, news and information publications, expert talent, health, presentation and others. Microsoft also pointed out that while the usage and device types are different, each device and individual can connect to each other and affect one another.

With these future technologies, we can collaborate more optimally, either directly or in separate distances. Advanced devices will support your activities intelligently and intuitively: tailor schedules and prepare materials through simple body gestures. Feedback and updates from others will also be easier until. Everything is smarter, faster, and more accurate.

This freedom is sure to open up a wide path for creativity. The idea is easier to collect, and the process of delivery and realization is easier. Imagine if voice, gesture, ink and gaze can be put together. Creative power will be very productive. And of course not the future without high mobility: information can be presented in any medium, then we can interact with each other anywhere, anytime.

Everything you see above is just a concept, however they are very interesting. From that video, what about your favorite technology?

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